About Us

Let us introduce you to our friends.


Last we checked.


We build Real Relationships with the people behind the avatars.

There are over thirty-one million people in the demographic profile of the verticals that we service.  They each have a story that offers keys to earning their business.

We use surveys, polls, and interactive video to drill down to the heart of the desired outcomes that people are looking for.  

We think this makes a better quality lead.  

Millions of Customers
Trust our Companies

We are connected with our customers.  That’s why we only work in a limited number of verticals and trust very few brands.  We don’t sell our customers to businesses that don’t hold up to their end of the bargain.  We stack the deck in favor of everyone winning.



We have multiple, welcomed interactions  with our customers via SMS and other means before you buy.


Our customers typically exit the bottom of our funnels ready to make a purchase.  If not, they go through another system.  You get fewer looky-Lou’s.


Our system can provide hundreds of leads per day.  If you have the system and the team in place, we can deliver.  

Happy Clients

Our work makes it easy for your sales team to simply offer and ask.  Our friends are prepared to take action.  Your sales team will love them.

What our clients have to say about us:

We love what we do!  We help companies grow by providing them with the revenue opportunities that fuel every business.  There is no such thing as a business without customers.  So, we are an integral part of the core success of every company that we work with.  We appreciate the opportunity to be in partnership with so many amazing companies and we take our role very seriously.


“I’ve worked with dozens of lead providers over the years and none have provided the quality and consistency that Early Man has.  We have closed more in the first few weeks with them than we have in months with our previous two sources.”


“…All I can say is that I don’t dread getting on the phone with a lead from EMM.”


“In 2019 I was nearly out of business.  I was hesitant, but I gave Early Man a shot.  Honestly, I didn’t expect anything different than what I had been experiencing.  Within three weeks my sales team was back to high fives and bonuses.”


“I run a sales team and I’ve been relatively successful my entire career.  But right now, as we speak I am sitting on my sofa making more money than I did before we started working from home.  Great leads.”